Thursday, September 1, 2011

2 Weeks Post Partum

I'm down 34 pounds from my pre-pregnancy/delivery weight! Carter is the best diet ever!

Things are going great! I truly expected to get postpartum depression but I have never felt better, emotionally, in my life! I feel like my life began the day Carter was born and I can't imagine being anywhere else in life. Sure, there are things that I would like to be different, I would like a little more money in the bank, etc. but I am truly happy and feel so blessed to be the Mommy to this little boy! Recovery from labor and delivery are going great. I have no pain, except the occasional headache which could be related to sleep-deprivation, and stories people tell are far worse then anything I experienced. I know some have a much worse time with recovery but for me, it wasn't a big deal at all. Adjusting to motherhood is different for me, my muscles are getting a workout and I'm figuring out how to read Carter, at first I'd get him at every little noise and I think I was causing him to wake up when he wasn't ready to. Now I wait for him to really cry for a couple seconds before getting him to ensure he's not just transitioning to a different level of sleep.

Speaking of sleep. Some nights I get 7-8 hours, other nights (like the last 3 nights in a row) I get 4-5 hours. Afternoon naps are crucial on those days! Carter is breastfed and so I am solely responsible for feeding him and lately he has been having cluster feeds in the middle of the night that last for HOURS! Of course he isn't feeding that whole time but he'll have an awake period and then take a cat nap and be ready to eat again so I don't get any sleep during those times. Nursing puts me to sleep so I have to bring him out to the livingroom, get on the computer, put on a movie or tv and have lights on. Carter and I have watched Tangled a lot!

We don't have as many pictures of Carter as I would like since most of the time he is sleeping or nursing and nursing pictures, although I love them, aren't going to be shared and sleeping pictures look the same. I'll share some pictures of him that I love though for your viewing pleasure!