Thursday, September 1, 2011

2 Weeks Post Partum

I'm down 34 pounds from my pre-pregnancy/delivery weight! Carter is the best diet ever!

Things are going great! I truly expected to get postpartum depression but I have never felt better, emotionally, in my life! I feel like my life began the day Carter was born and I can't imagine being anywhere else in life. Sure, there are things that I would like to be different, I would like a little more money in the bank, etc. but I am truly happy and feel so blessed to be the Mommy to this little boy! Recovery from labor and delivery are going great. I have no pain, except the occasional headache which could be related to sleep-deprivation, and stories people tell are far worse then anything I experienced. I know some have a much worse time with recovery but for me, it wasn't a big deal at all. Adjusting to motherhood is different for me, my muscles are getting a workout and I'm figuring out how to read Carter, at first I'd get him at every little noise and I think I was causing him to wake up when he wasn't ready to. Now I wait for him to really cry for a couple seconds before getting him to ensure he's not just transitioning to a different level of sleep.

Speaking of sleep. Some nights I get 7-8 hours, other nights (like the last 3 nights in a row) I get 4-5 hours. Afternoon naps are crucial on those days! Carter is breastfed and so I am solely responsible for feeding him and lately he has been having cluster feeds in the middle of the night that last for HOURS! Of course he isn't feeding that whole time but he'll have an awake period and then take a cat nap and be ready to eat again so I don't get any sleep during those times. Nursing puts me to sleep so I have to bring him out to the livingroom, get on the computer, put on a movie or tv and have lights on. Carter and I have watched Tangled a lot!

We don't have as many pictures of Carter as I would like since most of the time he is sleeping or nursing and nursing pictures, although I love them, aren't going to be shared and sleeping pictures look the same. I'll share some pictures of him that I love though for your viewing pleasure!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Carter's Birth Story

Carter's here! He arrived on Wednesday, August 17, 2011 at 6:11 pm. Here's the story of his arrival starting Monday, August 15, 2011.

Monday I had a prenatal appointment for one of the bi-weekly non-stress tests. I was 38 weeks 2 days and the midwife checked to see if my cervix was getting ready at all for birth. I was 1 cm and 50% effaced but the monitors weren't picking up any contractions so I wasn't expecting any progress or anything to happen anytime soon. Monday evening I did have some contractions but I could barely feel them and they didn't have any sort of rhythm or anything.

Tuesday I continued to have mild contractions throughout the day, off and on that didn't hurt at all. Tuesday evening they picked up in how often but not intensity so I went to sleep around midnight after telling Max to quit worrying and if they picked up to where we needed to go to the doctor, they would wake me up.

Wednesday I woke up not feeling any contractions at 6:30 am. I laid in bed after going to the bathroom playing Sudoku on my phone trying to fall back asleep. At 7:06 I felt a pop and then started gushing fluid. I stood up and woke Max up. He called our moms while I went to the bathroom, cleaned up and put on a pad for the trip to the hospital. We loaded the hospital bags into the car, along with Eva and drove to Ally's to drop Eva off and pick Ally up. We checked into the hospital at 8:00 am, got the strip test to ensure my membranes had actually broken which came back a blaring positive and got admitted. They hooked me up to the monitors and checked me, I was 2 cm dilated and 90% effaced and Carter's head was in position at -2 station and she remarked how she could feel his hair. After being on the monitors for awhile, I wasn't having very many contractions so my Mom, Ally, Max and I went and walked the hospital halls for 30 minutes, with the threat of pitocin being started at noon if I hadn't progressed enough. When we got back to the room at 9:30 am, I was hooked up again and was having very few "tiny" contractions that were starting to get painful and an iv was inserted, although not hooked up. The reason for the iv was because of the gestational diabetes dx, if anything went wrong they wanted to have in just in case. I was pretty upset at being told I was having few tiny contractions and having an iv stuck in my wrist when I wanted to go natural.

I laid in the jacuzzi tub a little and used the birthing ball a bit. At noon I was at 4 cm and the contractions were starting to get really painful with a lot of pressure. I got back in the tub and tried to breath through the contractions. At 1 I was a 5 to 6. At 2 I was barely a 6. I couldn't take the pain anymore and shortly after asked for the epidural. I was really happy at this point that the iv was already in. I was given fluids and fentenal through the iv while we waited for the epidural. The most painful part was the numbing medicine and holding still while still being able to feel the pressure of the catheter being placed. That was about 2:45. After the epidural was put in they checked me at 4 and I was at 7 cm, 100% effaced and he was at a +2 station. They started pitocin when the epidural took because my contractions were not being picked up on the monitor, at all. It was a completely flat line.

Soon after, Carter's heart rate dropped below 90 for 5 minutes. They put me on oxygen and lowered the pitocin, he was hyper stimulated. They also took off the external monitors and put internal ones on. Turns out I was contracting, strongly, in a fashion that is typically seen in labors where the baby is facing the wrong way. Carter was not facing the wrong way. I would have a very strong contraction, it would drop down a bit and then rise again to a less strong contraction before giving me a break. The nurse later said that is what I was experiencing every 2-3 minutes in the tub before I requested the epidural. Carter continued to have problems with his heart rate decreasing so the pitocin was turned off and I was put back on oxygen.

At 4:45 I had a lip of cervix left that could be moved out of the way and they had me try a practice push. Carter's heart rate dropped during it so we sat and waited for him to move down on his own for about an hour. Around 5:45 I did another practice push, I want to say he was at +4 station then. The nurse (who we LOVED!) made a comment about him needing a hat. I started officially pushing at 5:57 pm and his heart rate was dropping really low almost immediately. I was on oxygen the whole time for pushing and they were having me take deep slow breaths. I only pushed for 2 contractions when I was warned that they were going to have use the vacuum if we didn't get him out quickly. On my 4th contraction he was delivered with the vacuum at 6:11 pm. They put him on my belly and Max cut his cord before them moved him up to my chest.  My midwife made a comment about the cord being between (not wrapped around I would assume) his shoulder and the birth canal and that being why his heart rate was decelerating.

The nurse picked him up to go weigh him and she held him up for me to see his face. He decided then was a good time to pee, on me! He weighed 6 lbs 14 oz, 20 inches long, 13.5 inch head. I'll add the rest of the day/night story later, I'm gonna try to take a nap before Carter wakes up in case he starts another all-night feed-fest tonight!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The End is Near

and I can't wait! At this point, every day and move is painful. I sure hope it's a sign that things are progressing towards this little boy exiting and joining the world! Max and I are working on getting the house and our lives as prepared for this bombshell as much as possible. Garage sales are amazing for buying things in good condition that we need! We got a cradle swing ($180), travel swing ($69) (for Mema's house), bumbo with tray ($46), boppy ($35), and jumperoo ($73) for less then $100 total! We had a small family baby shower with his family on Sunday, it was simple and sweet and nice to be in a shaded park where I could be barefoot in the grass.

Yesterday we cleaned out and vacuumed both cars and installed the mirrors and carseats. Then we finished up Carter's room, put away all of the remaining clothes and blankets, washed the carseat covers and rest of the cloth diapers and organized all of his stuff. The hospital bags are packed and sitting next to the front door. All the ultrasound pictures are in his photo album and the bassinet in our room is made and ready for little guy to sleep in at night.

Today I'm deep cleaning the house and making sure everything is set so when we come home from the hospital, whenever that happens, we don't have to worry about cleaning up an existing mess.

Tomorrow I have another doctor appointment. Ultrasound to start with to check fluid levels then a non-stress test. I love getting to hear his heartbeat for 20 minutes twice a week but I'm tired of feeling like there is nothing personal about my appointments anymore. I go in, the nurse hooks me up, comes in after 20 minutes, unhooks me and then sometimes the midwife will come in, looks at my sugar records, says "good job" and then says "I'll see you next week." I hope I finally have some good contractions on the machine and that they will check me to see if my body is preparing for birth at all.

I'll take some pictures tonight of his room and some of his gear to post but for now, I'm going to finish dishes and laundry and take a nap.

Monday, August 1, 2011

36 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights: Had our growth scan, Carter is measuring 6 days behind at 5 lbs 9 oz as of Thursday. If we go to our due date she said to expect a 7.5 lb baby. He is so cute and in an awesome position! So sad that some of the ultrasound pictures he looks like he's crying though! :-(
How Far Along: 36 weeks
Size of baby: They should gain 1 oz a day so probably about 5 lbs 13 oz!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 12 pounds lost
Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants and long shirts.
Gender: All Boy!
Movement: Starting to slow down, which I'm happy about! He seems to be spending more time sleeping then moving but has his crazy moments of rolling around kicking me. It's so neat to see his hiccups and to feel him practice breathing though!
Sleep: Ok. When I do sleep I sleep like a baby, no pun intended. 
Symptoms: Lots of pressure in my pelvis and I've totally got the waddle going on, lol!
What I miss: Being able to stand up for more then 30 minutes without contractions starting.
Cravings: I want some s'mores, but those are off-limits until after birth and I'm off this diet!
Best Moment this week: Seeing Carter and his gorgeous face. Getting below that one month mark, we are officially in the month we will meet our son!
Looking Forward Too: 5 days until we're considered term and he can come at any time! So exciting but nerve-wrecking as well!

I'll post a picture later today.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

34 Weeks and GD

Pregnancy Highlights: I'm ready to meet him!
How Far Along: 34 weeks
Size of baby: Probably 5-ish pounds, according to the books and websites. Go in for a growth scan next week so we'll know more then!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 10 pounds lost
Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants and long shirts.
Gender: All Boy!
Movement: Getting painful more and more. He seems to be more active, with short naps here and there throughout the day. I hope that means his sleep pattern is moving towards sleeping at night and being awake during the day! I ABSOLUTELY love the hiccups, he gets them a number of times a day and they wake me up at night.
Sleep: Going ok. I sleep a lot better right now for some reason, just have to wake up to go to the bathroom a couple times but I fall back asleep quickly and for the most part am comfortable.
Symptoms: ...
What I miss: Getting to eat what I want, when I want.
Cravings: Sweets and pudding and fruit and processed foods.
Best Moment this week: Our first non-stress test went great! Carter's heartrate responds correctly and I got to lay there for 30 minutes listening to his heartbeat and him moving :-)
Looking Forward Too: Getting to see him tomorrow and every Thursday until he's here! Oh, and the piece of baby shower cake that's in the freezer and going to the hospital with me for me to eat as soon as he's born!

So, they are considering me to have gestational diabetes. I am not diagnosed (as far as I know....) and have been told that I may be considered non-diabetic if I can manage my blood sugar. Why now? I passed the 3 hour test but at 32 weeks they had me test my blood sugar at home for 3 days. I had a couple of slightly elevated readings so I was put on the diet and go in twice a week for monitoring and get an ultrasound every week to make sure my amniotic fluid doesn't get too high. I really think they are overdoing it but am following the diet so hopefully they take me off the diet. They won't let me go past my due date so will induce if he isn't here by then. I really hate the idea of being induced, especially when I don't believe in the reasoning so I'm doing what I can to be treated like normal.....

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

31 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights: Got to see our little man's chubby cheeks and gorgeous lips and sweet little face. Down to less then 2 months and single digit week-wise! Sometimes it shocks me to think that he could be here in a matter of 5.5 weeks! We have our second birthing class tonight, I'm loving them so far! It's a 6 week course and I am loving it.
How Far Along: 31 weeks
Size of baby: Books say around 3 to 3.5 pounds, who knows for sure!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 12 pounds lost
Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants and long shirts.
Gender: All Boy!
Movement: AMAZING! We can identify knees and feet and butt. Sometimes it gets painful when he twists back and forth but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Ally has felt him move a lot and it's neat to see other people enjoy what Max and I have been enjoying for a while! Mom has felt him but not move a lot and she tried to hear him moving but that didn't work ;-)
Sleep: Carter has a nightly party that wakes me up and keeps me up. Between that, a very squished bladder, waking up starving, hip pain, body parts falling asleep, etc. sleep is getting rarely restful but I'm thankful for what I get and am trying different things to help me sleep more and get more restful sleep.
Symptoms: Not a whole lot new.
What I miss: Being able to sit up right without a butt shoved in my ribs ;-)
Cravings: None really
Best Moment this week: Seeing my family really start to embrace my pregnancy. Makes it feel like he's being embraced more as well, even though I know it's seperate, just feels so much better! Also getting to see our baby boy, who is very low and so we didn't get very many pictures but getting to see him and see his activity in there was so neat!
Looking Forward Too: Baby showers and getting to hold him in a few more weeks!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

28 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights: Officially in the third trimester!
How Far Along: 28 weeks
Size of baby: Probably around 2-2.5 pounds.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 12 pounds lost
Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants and long shirts. Can still fit into some pre-pregnancy jeans! 
Gender: All Boy!
Movement: Has gotten pretty intense! If I'm sitting up he loves to kick my ribs and if I'm laying down you can see his feet/knees/butt/hands/elbows poking out and moving around!
Sleep: I don't think it will ever be the same again.
Symptoms: My hips are really sore and feel like they are loosening already.
What I miss: Nothing, I love being pregnant!
Cravings: Eh
Best Moment this week: Putting in my notice at work and getting ready to become a stay-at-home-mom to my little man!
Looking Forward Too: baby showers and the 3d ultrasound in 3-ish more weeks!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sleep and Work

First up, sleep. I've always been a very good sleeper. I can sleep anywhere, any position, with any lights/noise going on. When I'm tired I have a very hard time staying awake and can nap and be in bed an hour later. I don't need a lot of sleep, 8-9 hours a night, pretty standard. That was all pre-pregnancy!

I can still sleep anywhere, in basically any position but I don't sleep through noise and lights as well. I am constantly tired and could sleep all day and night. I've been having a lot of pain, especially at night. My lower back kills me, tailbone aches, hips lock up and a certain little boy loves to shove his feet into my ribs. Last night was probably the best night of sleep I've gotten in awhile! I can sleep 12-13 hours a night and still feel tired. Last night I got about 9 hours a sleep from going to bed to waking up for good and I felt more rested then I have after sleeping for 13 hours! The secret?

A husband that makes sure I'm laying on my side instead of flat on my back. If I sleep on my back (not purposefully but I guess I roll over in my sleep) I get  horrible cramps in my lower abdomen and it's hard to breathe. A fleece blanket folded in half and put under my belly when I'm on my side. It makes such a HUGE difference! This little boy is getting heavy and it puts a ton of pressure on my ligaments if I don't have the blanket under my belly. I do have to wake up a little when I change the side I'm sleeping on to take the blanket with me but it's completely worth it. Another thing I did difference last night was only use one pillow for my head. Not sure if that helped or not but I've been using two and decided to try one instead. Besides that, I sleep worse with a body pillow or pillow between my legs. I usually throw my leg over Max if I need the relief off my hips at night but it's usually not needed.

The only problem last night I had was when I got up the couple of times to use the bathroom was my hips would lock up and buckle when I was walking. I don't have this problem when I get up in the morning, just in the middle of the night. I think my hips protest and are screaming at me that they should still be resting.

As far as work, I'm going to be quitting my job. I am having problems with being paid correctly and on time. The job is stressful, not just working with the dogs but the whole store stresses me out. So Max and I weighed our options and priorities and I'm going to start babysitting in a month. It will bring in enough income to help support us and make it so I can stay home with Carter. I already have one baby lined up to watch and only plan on watching two or three kids total, depending on the hours needed. It allows me to get to stay home and raise Carter, allows Max and I to have time together since I'll be home when he's home before work and on his days off and allow us to meet our financial goals.

I've also had people ask if I can groom their animals after I leave my job. No, I haven't told any clients at work but I do know some people who bring their animals in. I just have to tell my boss now that I'm leaving, a mere 4 months after starting. But there really isn't a better reason to stay home, then to raise our little boy. It's taken a lot of stress off me and makes me feel better knowing that I get to spend my days taking care of Carter, a friend's baby and our house. Now just to get the house ready for a 13 month old and a newborn in the next couple of months!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

26 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights: As of yesterday I am 6 months pregnant and down to double digits! It feels like forever since those 5 months ago that we found out we were expecting! Feels like this pregnancy is taking forever and I still have at least 3 months left! Oh well, I'm sure that before too long I'll be begging for the time to slow down as I watch my little boy grow up right before me. I already dread him moving out and getting married!
How Far Along: 26 weeks
Size of baby: 1 lb 5 oz at the ultrasound. Some sites say babies gain between 3-6 oz a week now so probably between 1 lb 11 oz and 1 lb 14 oz.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 12 pounds lost
Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants and long shirts
Gender: All Boy!
Movement: My belly has started doing the wave when I'm laying down! I think he is facing my back since I feel him move all the time but not so much the punches and kicks outward like before.
Sleep: Doing a little better since I got myself on a schedule. Still hainvg a hard time getting comfortable and my hips/back kill me when I wake up but I'm getting restful sleep at least.
Symptoms: Nothing new 
What I miss: Waking up feeling refreshed and not in pain.
Cravings: lemonheads
Best Moment this week: Reaching the 7th month and knowing that soon he'll be here!
Looking Forward Too: The third trimester and viability!

I knew I forgot to post it somewhere!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Emotional Struggle

The last couple of days I've been having an internal, emotional struggle. Could I leave my baby? When he gets here, will I be able to leave the house with him in it and go to work? I considered watching kids in the house, just so I could be with him all day. I considered cutting every non-essential out of our lives so I could stay home with him.

Then I had to think about what is best for him and our family. Max and my work schedules work out so that Carter would only be with my Mom 8 hours a week, maximum. The other 12-17 hours a week I would be at work he would be with his Dad. How could I deny my husband time with his son, alone? How could I be selfish and deprive our family of things we need when Carter will benefit from spending time with his Mema and one-on-one time with his Daddy?

I'm sure this will come up again but as things stand now, the benefits of having my son at my side 24/7 instead of his Dad's or Mema's don't outweigh the benefits of me working part-time, getting adult interaction, helping provide for our family and getting a baby break.

If Max gets a full-time/better paying job, we will revisit the question then. I LOVE this little baby boy so much and it will rip my heart out to leave him to go to work, but part of being a parent is making tough choices and doing what's best for them. Guess this is just one of the many to come.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

25 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 25 weeks
Size of baby: 1 lb 5 oz at the ultrasound. Some sites say babies gain between 3-6 oz a week now so probably between 1 lb 8 oz and 1 lb 11 oz.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 12 pounds lost
Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants and long shirts
Gender: All Boy!
Movement: My belly has started doing the wave when I'm laying down! I think he is facing my back since I feel him move all the time but not so much the punches and kicks outward like before.  
Sleep: What's that?
Symptoms: emotional and needy, oops! 
What I miss: getting restful sleep
Cravings: chocolate and lemonheads
Best Moment this week: Just seeing him move more and more and knowing that we're almost to the third trimester! Mom touched my belly for the first time today. During a song about children being a precious gift from God, yeah, I cried, for awhile.
Looking Forward Too: Seeing him with our families.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

24 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 24 weeks
Size of baby: 1 lb 5 oz at the ultrasound. Not sure on length.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 12 pounds lost
Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants and long shirts 
Gender: All Boy!
Movement: I don't think this little boy sleeps at all! He's always rocking and rolling in there. I'm gonna try and get him kicking on video so you can see our small but mighty one moving! 
Sleep: Rough, rough, rough! I can't seem to get comfortable at all, if I lay on my side too long without support under my belly it feels like I pulled muscles or ligaments inmy uterus....
Symptoms: Just the pains of pregnancy.Now it's hard to stand up from a squatting position, especially while holding a cat or dog. 
What I miss: Good sleep
Cravings: Nothing, it's hard to eat.
Best Moment this week: Seeing his sweet little face.
Looking Forward Too: Everything! I can't wait for the baby shower, to start really showing, to hold him and kiss him and all the things, good, bad and smelly, that come with a newborn.
I'll add a belly picture later, probably tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Now that I've not only had time to process it but have time to sit down and write up a post.

I'm not quite sure how to explain it but none of us were convinced that baby was a girl. I was driving Max crazy by looking at ultrasound pictures online for weeks trying to convince myself that he was a she. Not because I wanted a girl but because I wanted to know. I've been having a hard time buying or even looking at baby girl things. It just felt wrong. That being said, seeing his little package was a shock. It took a minute to say, ok, that's our son in there. Not a little girl. Do I miss the idea of having a daughter? I'd be lieing if I said no way. BUT, now I get to look forward to having a Mommy's Boy.

Ok, so details on the ultrasound. He is head down still. Chin still tucked into his chest real tight, the tech kinda laughed at how tight he has his chin tucked in. Saw all four chambers of his heart. Elbow up next to his eye, umbilical cord floating in front of his face. His weight is approxiametly 1 lb 5 oz. 43 percentile so slightly below average. Still had his ankles crossed. On the video it looks like the placenta is lying really low so I'm slightly concerned about it covering my cervix and having to have a c-section but I'll find out at my next doctors appointment in two weeks. Nothing I can do about it if it is there, so why stress about it now?

Now just to get ready for our baby boy, who's name is going to be Carter Michael. I'm in love and can't wait to meet him!

Real Quick Update

Here's some pictures of our baby BOY! We are totally in love, plus he has my nose ;-)

Monday, May 2, 2011


With the anatomy scan quickly approaching I'm nervous! Mostly since we've done NO testing at all. It will be our first good look at the little one. I just want to see all body parts and for everything to measure correctly!

Oh, and I'm nervous that we'll hear we're having a boy. Not that it would be bad but I've spent over a month "knowing" this is a little girl and it would stink for it to change.

23 weeks and 2 days

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 23 weeks
Size of baby: Average over 11 inches, head to foot. Weighing in at around one pound!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 12 pounds lost
Maternity Clothes: Still fit into one or two pairs of pre-preg. jeans but have to have them unbuttoned.
Gender: Girl!
Movement: When I sit still I can feel her a lot more and can SEE movement while laying down. It's so neat to see her flip and roll!
Sleep: It's getting harder to breathe so laying in a comfortable position is difficult. I keep waking up on my back, which I know is a no-no and my body obviously agrees.
Symptoms: Harder to breathe, tailbone pain, emotional and feeling like any food I eat is sitting in my throat.
Throw up tally: 0
What I miss: Eating
Cravings: Any and all carbs
Best Moment this week: Feeling her moving all the time.
Looking Forward Too: The anatomy scan in 41 hours!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week 22... 18 to go!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 22 weeks
Size of baby: Average 11 inches, head to foot. Weighing in at around one pound!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 12 pounds lost
Maternity Clothes: Still fit into one or two pairs of pre-preg. jeans but have to have them unbuttoned. 
Gender: Girl!
Movement: She is having fun in there! Flipping, twisting, hiccups, bladder punches, pushing her butt out.
Sleep: Is getting a bit better. I get up a couple times to use the bathroom but I could sleep all day and night.
Symptoms: Headaches and more emotional.
Throw up tally: 0
What I miss: Not a whole lot at this point.
Cravings: Any and all carbs
Best Moment this week: Seeing what foods she reacts to and which ones don't seem to get a reaction. She seems to like (or hate) strawberries!
Looking Forward Too: The anatomy scan in a week and a half!

I'll add the picture later. Still need to take one

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Halfway There!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 20 weeks
Size of baby: Average 10 inches, head to foot. She's probably a little shorter though ;-)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 12 pounds lost

Maternity Clothes: Still fit into one or two pairs of pre-preg. jeans.
Gender: Girl!
Movement: I feel her alot if I'm sitting down or laying down, and if she's awake. I can wake her up now by poking her and then she moves a lot, hehe
Sleep: Has gotten rough! I wake up for no reason in the middle of the night and am up for an hour or so, besides trips to the bathroom.
Symptoms: Nothing new, except the sleep problems!
Throw up tally: 0
What I miss: Rolling over, sitting up, etc.
Cravings: Carbs and sweets
Best Moment this week: Seeing her moving! Sometimes I'm mean and will wake her up just to watch her moving!
Looking Forward Too: Maternity leave!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

19 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 19 weeks
Size of baby: 6.5 inches. (Measurment is head to rump, legs are added to body measurement next week!)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 12 pounds lost
Maternity Clothes: Still fit into one or two pairs of pre-preg. jeans.
Gender: Girl!
Movement: Feel her multiple times a day, especially in the early morning, middle of the night trips to the bathroom and when there are loud noises.
Sleep: Ok. I'm sleeping on my side a lot better because it's so uncomfortable to sleep any other way but now my shoulders and hips ache in the morning.
Symptoms: Sore joints and back sometimes. Rib pain nearly constantly.
Throw up tally: 0
What I miss: Nothing!
Cravings: Milk, soups and carbs.
Best Moment this week: Finding out she's a little girl and getting to see how big she's gotten!
Looking Forward Too: Working on her nursery more and reaching the halfway point!
Picture from yesterday.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Elective Ultrasound

We decided to do an elective ultrasound to find out what we are having. I'm so happy we did it and here's some pictures from it (not the best quality) but I have to share.

She had no problem showing us her bits!
Her little toes, I think she has her feet crossed here.

Her butt and knee sticking out with her ankles crossed and a hand down by her leg

Face, chest and right hand near her face. To begin with her chin was tucked in tight to her chest :-)

3D picture of her bum and legs crossed at her ankles

18 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 18 weeks
Size of baby: 6 inches
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 12 pounds lost
Maternity Clothes: Still fit into one or two pairs of pre-preg. jeans.
Gender: If baby cooperates we'll know in 9.5 hours!!
Movement: Getting more frequent and stronger.
Sleep: Better then last week. Ally gave me a body pillow and it helps so much! I sleep on my side so much easier and more comfortably but I can also lay on it on my belly and it doesn't bother me at all!
Symptoms: Not many, beyond feeling movement and having to go to the bathroom a million times a day and night.
Throw up tally: 0
What I miss: Being able to eat anything, gluten-free, I wanted with no aversions.
Cravings: Still sweets. Slurpees are an all time favorite right now. :-)
Best Moment this week: Getting an accurate heartbeat count and getting to feel stronger kicks.
Looking Forward Too: Finding out if we're having a boy or girl in 9.5 hours!