Saturday, July 20, 2013

Whole 30, Day 1 - Take 2

I started the Whole 30 yesterday instead of Thursday. I am doing soooo much better this time! I had eggs and a banana for breakfast, chicken and veggies for lunch and a turkey salad for dinner. I haven't had any major stomach problems yet and plan on upping my metformin to the full dose today! I've tried not snacking but had a couple times yesterday where I HAD to eat so I had a banana in the morning and a chicken breast in the afternoon.

I took before pictures yesterday.... let's just say that any time I'm tempted to eat something bad, I plan on looking at those pictures and seeing why I have to change. I'm going to start exercising daily today (Day 2) and hope to see lots of changes. I have a doctor appointment in 4 weeks, I hope to be down a good amount of weight and be able to talk to her openly about my struggle, PCOS and trying to conceive. I do not plan on going on any other medication to get pregnant, at this point, but I would like to talk to her about it and maybe have a prescription and plan in place for when I am ready.

Max and I have discussed the maximum weight I should be when we start actively trying with more medication. Hopefully, dropping the weight will mean I won't need the medication but we aren't planning on that. I have a disorder that affects all sizes, regardless of the misconception that it's overweight women. Weight loss MAY help, but it may not. I've been having problems since I was a young teenager when I was not massively overweight.

Anyway, I've got chicken cooking but will post again in the morning about today.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Whole 30, Take 2

I'm starting the Whole 30 again tomorrow! I did some research on eating a paleo diet sans gallbladder and I have a plan! I'm going to go buy the stuff tonight and will go full out this time! I hope the stomach upsets are fewer and less severe but I'm determined to make it work this time. I *need* this. I am feeling slightly desperate since I had always hoped to already be pregnant with #2 by the time #1 turned 2. At this point, if something major doesn't change, we are probably looking at a 3.5-4 year age gap, which is more than I want. Not to say I don't appreciate and love all the time with Carter, it's just what we want for our family and feel is right for us.

Anyway, I'm going to be eating a lot of steamed veggies, chicken breasts and fish, salad and fruit. I'm going to be doing it solo but will be done before we go on a family camping trip. I had planned on waiting until August 1 but don't want to waste the next almost 2 weeks. I'm also going to be taking Carter down to the park almost every evening and letting him play with Max while I walk or we play basketball together.

I'm super excited for the change and since I did well last time as far as cravings and being strong, I'm hoping this time will be much more successful without the stomach problems.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Whole 30 and Me

First, I love the Whole 30! I was feeling well mentally, emotionally I was a bit of a rollercoaster and I had a strong conviction to see it through. There was one problem, one very large problem, that prevented me from finishing the first week even. I had my gall bladder removed a month and a half ago, the whole30 is a high fat diet. Apparently, my body does not agree with it, yet. I was so so sick it was interfering with basically every other aspect of my life, including being a mom and wife.

My goal is to get healthy and this just isn't the way for me at this time. I am just going to eat a natural diet that is controlled carb and exercise. I don't plan on cutting out and food groups, just choose what amounts work for me. I had lost 7-8 pounds already on just metformin so I hope that keeps up and a healthy diet and exercise results in even more.

I haven't experienced a case of stomach upset since I added grains and dairy back into my diet. I'm disappointed that I was not able to finish the month. I still have goals to meet, though, and have the determination to get there. I have a doctor appointment in one month, I hope to be down 10 more pounds by then. I also have my next endocrinologist appointment 3 weeks after that and will have another goal for that appointment.

Today (Monday), I am starting a low-carb diet and will use MyFitnessPal to track my food and exercise. I need to get my Metformin back up to 1,500 mg, I lowered it when I was having my stomach problems. I hope to be able to get up to the prescribed 2,000 mg this next month. I need this, my body needs this. I need to lose the weight. My body doesn't work at this weight.

The good news is that I've lost 12 pounds, I'm soooo close to Onederland that I can taste it, just have to get there! I have to get to my goal weight to even think about having more kiddos and with Carter turning 2 next month, I'm really feeling the pressure to get the weight off and give him a little sibling!

Anyway, I need to get off her and eat some breakfast and clean the house. Going to throw Carter on my back to make cleaning more of an exercise! :-)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Whole30: Day 1

I've been thinking about doing The Whole30 for some time, probably 6 months or so. I had planned on starting on June 1 but we seriously had a lacking of funds last month so it was out of the question. So, I started today! It's a strict month long challenge of eating a hunter-gatherer diet. It's designed to lower inflammation and give you a clean slate to really learn what agrees with your body and doesn't.

Some people have had amazing results and weight loss is not the main focus. It's about fueling our bodies instead of poisoning and helping our bodies reach their potential. Helps us turn into fat burners instead of carb burners.

Why am I doing this challenge? According to the specialist managing my PCOS, my ideal weight would be somewhere around 130 pounds. My hormones are out of whack. I can go 6+ months with no menstrual cycle, I have a large amount of belly fat, have started developing fatty deposits on my liver, have hair where hair shouldn't be on a woman and a slight case of insulin resistance. My Dr. recommended a low-carb diet, keeping my carbs below 50 per meal and 30 per snack. She also prescribed me a diabetes drug that has proven to be magnificent for treating PCOS, metformin. I've been on Metformin for 3.5 weeks now and have lost 7 pounds and gotten my period! Maybe not something everyone wants to read about but hey, it's seriously exciting for me! I'm keeping track of my cycle and temps via Fertility Friend this cycle and we will see just how much difference metformin is making! Hoping I ovulate on my own and have a normal cycle, even if a long, I don't care. Anyway, the point is that The Whole30 is low-carb in nature. You only eat natural, non-processed foods so the only carbs you eat are from fruits and veggies. I'm also a strictier version of the program due to my PCOS and will try reintroducing some of those foods after the month is up. Some additional foods I am not eating are eggs, tomatoes, nuts, clarified butter and ghee. The thought is that those foods can potentially cause an immune response and that's the last thing we want.

So, I will be eating meat (preferably grass-fed but that's expensive so we will do our best) and veggies or fruit three times a day for 30 days. I'm excited to see the changes and like I said before, the weight loss is the last priority. Another point of The Whole30 is no weighing or measuring during it. So I weighed and measured today and will again on day 31. Today I weighed 205. I'm hoping to lose 15 pounds over the next month but we will see. I'm excited to see what happens.

Monday, July 8, 2013


I find myself getting entrenched in the obsession with finding a way to control my PCOS and get my body in order. Sometimes, I get a quick, sharp smack in the face by something absolutely amazing my son does and get brought back to reality. This kid, he's amazing. He's wonderful, he's challenging and adorable, intelligent, inquisitive, charming and compassionate. I'm so thankful for the little man I have, who has given me an amazing dose of love and patience and parenting reality. I love his little gremlin voice, his crooked smile, his hair that can be so crazy or so soft and fluffy. I love his laugh and cry, his scrawny butt and belly button. I love everything about him!

Sometimes, the way he is with a baby or his siblings or friends, it makes my heart hurt. He absolutely loves babies, loves playing with kids, although being an only child, sometimes he needs a break and quiet time. That's ok. He loves getting a diaper, wipes, pacifier or toy for a baby. I know he will be an amazing big brother, whenever that time comes and whatever way a baby joins our family.

As he gets closer to two and his personality and intelligence emerges even more, I love him more. I didn't think I could love him anymore, I think all this love is saving up for the teenage years ;-)

I can't express my love and amazement that this little boy is mine. At the same time, I'm painfully aware of all the people out there struggling to have a baby or feeling the pain of a loss of a child, at any number of stages of pregnancy or age or just the loss of hope of a child. I'm one of the blessed one, no matter what my body does or doesn't do, I have my little Carter and I am forever thankful for that. I may mourn the struggle of infertility, I may mourn the fact that I have to work so hard for my kiddo(s) when it comes so easy for others, I may cry for my infertile sisters and fellow cysters but no matter what, I have a deep appreciation for the fact that I have my boy. I've had an amazingly blessed 32 months of pregnancy and parenting and I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Health Update

I had my surgery on May 30, it went smoothly, except they had to make an extra cut so I have five holes instead of four. The first week was rough, I couldn't sit up on my own, pick up Carter, stand for any real length of time, etc. I'm now 5 weeks post-op and have some pain sometimes, mainly when I lay on my stomach or pick Carter up and twist. I think it's mainly muscle pain but not sure, just know some residual pain is normal.

I also saw an endocrinologist on May 29. I needed help managing my PCOS and learning how to deal with my disease and work with my body. I was prescribed met.formin, a drug commonly used to treat PCOS by battling the underlying insulin resistance. Even though I don't test as being IR, it's believed that all women with PCOS have some level of IR. I'm 3.5 weeks into my new drug protocol and have had a fairly easy transition. I started at 500 mg a day for a week. The second week was 1,000 mg a day. The last week and a half I've been on 1,500 mg. The last week and a half was the hardest, symptom wise. I'm prescribed 2,000 so am planning on trying that transition on Monday but last Monday, my body was in no way ready for that jump. The good news is that the metformin seems to be helping already and guess what? I'm excited! I have lost a bit of weight but need to lose a lot more. I'm starting the Whole30 Monday and am hoping to stay on it for 2 months. I have read some amazing reviews about this diet and PCOS and talked personally to people who've had good results. The main thing is getting my body working right, not weight loss. The weight loss, I am looking forward too, but I need a functioning body more than anything. I'm hoping that in the next 6-9 months, we will be expecting a new little one.

I go back to the endocrinologist in 2 months and we hope to see some big changes in my bloodwork and hormones. I have a lot of work ahead of me but it will be so worth it, to be healthy and feel normal and be the person I know I can be. PCOS, I'm going to beat you!