Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Time Flies!

It sure has been awhile since I last posted. My adorable baby boy is growing by leaps and bounds, he is so smart and everyday I'm thankful for him. The look in his eyes when we're all together as a family, the way he smiles and bows his head all bashful, the way he giggles and is so ticklish. The way he grabs my cheek and opens his mouth when he wants a kiss. The ease with which he adapts to new situations and schedules. The amount of people who love him right along side me.

I can't believe what being his mommy feels like! It's explainable, my heart swells with pride over every achievement, every comment and every cuddle I get. I can't imagine life without him. So let's talk about some updates.

At Carter's 4 month appointment he weighed 11 lbs 5.5 oz and was 25 inches long. He's about 47% for height and less than 3% for weight.

Carter is 5 months old next week. He is rolling over and scoots himself around on his back if he wants something. He smiles and laughs. He reaches for and grabs toys and pulls them to his mouth. He is getting close to being ready to start solid food. He did suck on a steamed carrot as a trial but we're going to try to push off introducing solids until 6 months. He is still sleeping in our room at night but I think we're going to start transitioning him to his room this week. If he wants picked up or hugged or attention, he puts his arms out, not up just yet, but they go out like a big bear hug. I always oblige. 

As for the rest of the household, things were rough for awhile. Max wasn't working much and my job ended right after Carter was born. We ended up moving at the beginning of December in with some friends. Eva went and stayed with Tabatha and family. It was a long month where a lot of changes happened. I got a job working at the law office my mom works for, I work Monday through Friday, 9-5. Max got a job working for a local warehouse, sometimes there's long hours, sometimes there's no work. Carter is being watched by my one and only twin (until her due date gets closer and right after her baby (cousin it ;-) is born, in which he'll go to my older sister's) and I've been having some supply problems with my breast milk. I haven't been able to keep up with Carter while I'm at work so he's getting formula during the day and we breastfeed in the morning, evenings, over night and weekends. I think it was more that while we were living with people I wasn't comfortable and wasn't eating enough so it affected how much milk I'm making.

So this past weekend, we moved into an apartment! Eva came home and everything is going well at this point. Sure, there's some stress, but relatively speaking, things are great. My son lights up when I walk through the door at night, he's eager to see me, my husband has really stepped up and his relationship with Carter is completely different after he stayed home for a couple days with him alone. One of the best parts about working again is that it really does add a different dynamic to my relationship with Carter. I appreciate my time with him so much more now, instead of just looking forward to nap time like I was. I'm able to talk to adults and know that I'm helping provide for my son. Plus, if I see something I think Carter will like, I can buy it! It was so hard all those months I was pregnant and then his first 4 months of life. I couldn't buy him anything really, we got by, but I couldn't buy those cute shoes or outfit or toys if they weren't necessary . I'm still not a huge shopper or spender, but it's so liberating knowing that our bills will be paid and we can work on getting out of debt.

We are trying hard to make healthy choices for ourselves and our family. I have lost a total of 45 pounds from my pre-pregnancy/delivery weight! I haven't been this weight for 6 YEARS! I'm not to my goal weight yet though, I would love to lose another 25 pounds or so before we start thinking about giving Carter a little brother or sister. Speaking of, I've been fighting baby fever since Carter was born! I miss being pregnant and that newborn stage but no worries, Carter is getting my all for at least another year!

I need to add some pictures of my gorgeous son, but I'm at work and don't have any on my computer here. Last night I started working on organizing his pictures and will be printing some out to hang at the house, hand out and display at work.