Sunday, March 31, 2013

Long Time, No Blog

Man, depression and my PCOS flaring up with avengance sure does take all of my motivation for blogging.

So, here's where we stand
     ¤Carter is 19 months old now! Still nursing several times a day with random days of nursing only twice.
     ¤We still live 1.5 hours from home. Not too far but I miss my family.
     ¤We will hopefully be receiving our next puppy this summer or fall to raise for Canine Angels Service Teams.
     ¤We are taking some drastic steps financially that I'm not ready to discuss yet. I will say that it is a step we have to take to provide Carter and future little ones with the things they need.
     ¤We just celebrated our 6th anniversary!
     ¤I have a plethora of appointments upcoming to get me healthy and prepare my stubborn body for another pregnancy. We are expecting at least 6 months of treatment and prevention before I will be close to healthy enough.
     ¤I restart my college career tomorrow. I'm excited to get this degree behind me, in due time.
     ¤Our apartment has a decent sized backyard we are excited to make into a small garden and place for our dirt and mud loving toddled to play in and a place to read and relax.
     ¤We will hopefully be taking Carter to Disneyland and the Canine Angels Walk With The Angels in October! We have never taken a vacation and desperately need one.

I will try to update more tomorrow. Carter is a hilarious, adventurous, sweet, cuddly, mommy's boy who I love so much. We definitely have our challenges but I am so blessed!