Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The End is Near

and I can't wait! At this point, every day and move is painful. I sure hope it's a sign that things are progressing towards this little boy exiting and joining the world! Max and I are working on getting the house and our lives as prepared for this bombshell as much as possible. Garage sales are amazing for buying things in good condition that we need! We got a cradle swing ($180), travel swing ($69) (for Mema's house), bumbo with tray ($46), boppy ($35), and jumperoo ($73) for less then $100 total! We had a small family baby shower with his family on Sunday, it was simple and sweet and nice to be in a shaded park where I could be barefoot in the grass.

Yesterday we cleaned out and vacuumed both cars and installed the mirrors and carseats. Then we finished up Carter's room, put away all of the remaining clothes and blankets, washed the carseat covers and rest of the cloth diapers and organized all of his stuff. The hospital bags are packed and sitting next to the front door. All the ultrasound pictures are in his photo album and the bassinet in our room is made and ready for little guy to sleep in at night.

Today I'm deep cleaning the house and making sure everything is set so when we come home from the hospital, whenever that happens, we don't have to worry about cleaning up an existing mess.

Tomorrow I have another doctor appointment. Ultrasound to start with to check fluid levels then a non-stress test. I love getting to hear his heartbeat for 20 minutes twice a week but I'm tired of feeling like there is nothing personal about my appointments anymore. I go in, the nurse hooks me up, comes in after 20 minutes, unhooks me and then sometimes the midwife will come in, looks at my sugar records, says "good job" and then says "I'll see you next week." I hope I finally have some good contractions on the machine and that they will check me to see if my body is preparing for birth at all.

I'll take some pictures tonight of his room and some of his gear to post but for now, I'm going to finish dishes and laundry and take a nap.

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