Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cloth Diapers

Max and I have been talking about diapering our future kids for years. Cloth diapering is something both agree on and even though a lot of people say things such as "you'll change your mind" or "just wait" we have both remained pretty strong in our stand.

Well today we bought 20 cloth diapers! Hopefully they'll be here before we move but I'm so excited to have them ordered! They are gender neutral prints but we will be ordering solids once we know what we're having, probably of kawaiis or bumgenuis. We shall see.

I can't wait to get them and show you pictures and have something for baby to put away!


  1. What kind did you get?! I am so excited for you!

  2. cheap OS AIOs ;-) They look good and have great reviews but they were cheap enough that if they don't work well for us it won't hurt as bad as getting more expensive ones.

    I'll get you the ebay seller information if you want.

  3. No its ok. I have WAY too many diapers already lol.

  4. Alva Baby is the maker. We paid just over $4 per diaper. Reviews we've found everyone compares them to bumgenuis and fuzzibunz or like these more.