Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Last week I started a new job as a dog groomer. Looks like I'll be working 20-25 hours a week which is probably a good thing because it kills me! I love my job, I love working with the dogs and making a new friend everyday but it's tough work, especially today's dog.

I woke up this morning with a sore back and hips, knowing that I would be sitting on the floor for hours. Why sit on the floor? Because the dog I got today was a 120+ lb golden retriever! Much to large to go on the table! He was a sweet dog but clipping his belly hair and feet included a lot of slouching and bending over while sitting on tile and then after his bath I had to sit on the floor to dry him. Know how long a dog of that size takes to dry with a standard blow drier? 1.25 hours!

The place I'm working for is a small family owned store and we went to school with the head groomer and lived down the street from the family while in school. We are a lot alike and she takes her kids to work everyday which I love! Her 3 year old keeps me company and her 8 month old likes to be tickled and chase the vacuum.

They are being careful about what I can lift, I got in trouble yesterday for helping the 3 year old off a stool cause she's past the weight limit, hehe.

As far as baby goes, we are now at 14.5 weeks and I'm starting to feel the little bug move! Yesterday it hit me pretty good while we were listening with the doppler. I'm not feeling movement everyday or anything but it's nice to know that little bits is still in there!

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