Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 17

It's a day late but I'll try better in the coming weeks!
So far I'm just shocked at how fast time is flying by and how I can't imagine August getting here but at the same time feels like it will be here soon!
Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 17 weeks
Size of baby: 5 inches
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 13 pounds lost
Maternity Clothes: I have a pair of jeans that I got at 8 weeks because of bloat that I wear but I still fit in my old jeans. Shirts are getting iffy though on if they'll cover my belly or not!
Gender: Hopefully we'll find out soon!
Movement: Usually at night or when I'm laying down but I can feel somersaults and kicks. It's so neat! Bug gets more active after I eat something sweet or drink orange juice!
Sleep: Getting difficult. I'm a tummy sleeper and it's getting uncomfortable to sleep on my belly.
Symptoms: Emotional. Exhaustion. Dizziness.
Throw up tally: Still strong at ZERO!
What I miss: Good sleep
Cravings: Anything sweet. Love ice cream, candy, sweet tea, etc. Although I try not to give in too much.
Best Moment this week: Reading to Bug with Max. It was a really bad week at work for me and just knowing that I'm working for our baby and that Bug is there with me makes it better.


  1. Get a body pillow!! I am a hardcore tummy sleeper too, and so I sleep kind of half on my side and half draped over the body pillow so it takes the weight off my tummy.

    I don't know if that makes any sense, but it seems to fool my brain and body into thinking I am on my stomach so I can fall asleep. That is how I had to sleep 90% of the time with Kaylee because I couldn't fall asleep on my sides.

  2. I'm thinking about getting one! I have a fluffly blanket that I rolled up into a sort of body pillow yesterday and I slept so much better!