Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sick Baby

Carter woke up pretty upset last night in the middle of the night so I went and got him, pulled him into bed with me and cuddled up for some nursing. I noticed then that he was burning up so endured the long long night with lots of cuddles and nursing and trying to make him comfortable. 6:30 this morning my alarm went off so I took his temperature and learned that his temperature was 101.4° F. My little buddy was sick. I went to get ready for work and he started screaming when I walked away from him so after some tylenol, I spent a little bit of time trying to get him back to sleep and gave him to his daddy. I heard him screaming while I was in the shower and I spent a little bit of time in there crying. It was a real internal battle for me to decide to not call in to work. After my shower I got dressed and went and got my baby who fell asleep instantly in my arms. He just wanted his mommy. I tried to lay him down in his swing and he woke up screaming again. More cuddles with momma. I got him happy sitting on the floor playing with some toys but a couple minutes later he was rolling to me and grabbing my pant legs so I cuddled some more with him. It was getting close to me having to go so I got a bottle of breast milk for him and when I left he was giving me some serious guilt-trip eyes and eating his bottle.

I got a text 45 minutes later that he had been crying since I left. Both my bosses know that there is a possibility that I'll be leaving early today but so far Max has been able to handle our sicky baby who's spent most of his day sleeping. I know that if I need to go home, I can and that Max will let me know when/if that is. I wish I was there giving my baby what he wanted, mommy cuddles, but I'm out earning some money to pay bills instead. It's a good thing my attitude adjustment came before this sickness or I'd be an emotional wreck, more then the couple of tears I've cried from hearing my baby cry over the phone. 

3 more hours and I'll be home with him, cuddling the night away. Tomorrow Max works so I may be taking a sick day tomorrow and taking care of my baby. We'll see.

My sick baby this morning before I left :-(

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