Saturday, March 24, 2012

What Carter's Doing

Carter is 7 months 1 week old today. He is growing so much and making so much progress that I want to write down what he's up to at this point. He is such a happy baby who is friendly, curious, cuddly and distracted. He loves paper and anything electronic.

He loves to eat, loves mum mums, yogurt drops, sweet potatoes, peas, apples, bananas, peas, squash and combo foods. He's not such a fan of green beans, carrots, and meats (jarred). He has eaten toast, french toast, turkey bacon, carrots, green beans, broccoli, cheese, apples, fries, tomatoes, lettuce, chicken, chicken and I'm sure others I can't remember at the moment. He loves feeding himself and it's so cute to watch him chew food up (with his toothless gums) and maneuver it.

He is sitting up really well now, he loves to sit next to his toy basket that is in the living room and pull his toys out. Almost every time he ends up chewing on the basket itsself but it keeps him entertained so I can get things done and he does so well entertaining himself.

He loves loves loves Eva and Elijah! They both love him in return and spend time cuddling him and watch over him all the time. Eva is constantly laying next to his jumper or under his swing or highchair. When he's on the floor she lays out of reach but where she can see him. He loves to pet her and kiss her. I don't much like him kissing her at this point because it's still the mouth wide open kisses.

Carter is so close to crawling. He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth. He has made forward movement a couple of times but usually ends up sliding backwards. I think he'll be crawling soon! Which means time to baby proof the house!

He was sitting in bed last night when I was trying to get him to sleep and he pulled up to a stand on me! I was so proud of my little booger!

He jabbers up a storm! He makes sounds that sound like "yeah" and "mama". He growls a lot and squeals. He fake coughs and hums.

He doesn't have any teeth yet but I think they're coming soon. He keeps moving his mouth like he's chewing and sticks his tongue out and rubs it on his gums.

When I get home from work or in the morning and other times he reaches out for me and rocks his body back and forth and laughs.

He just started dancing last week too! It's so cute to see him rocking his little body to the music.

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