Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Baby's Growing Up

My little guy is 8 months old now! He waves, he slides off the couch (with me supporting him), he sits and plays with his toys for hours. He's trying to hard so crawl and can stand holding on to something with just one hand for quite awhile. His two bottom teeth are threatening to come in! You can actually see them now, not that you can tell by his behavior. He's so beautiful and so happy and just a great baby, always making people's days with smiles and giggles and his willingness to be held by anyone. I love him more and more everyday, which is amazing because everyday I wonder how I could love him anymore! I'm so happy to be his mommy and to be able to say "he's my son."

He loves bath time and rubber duckies. Food and anything else he can stick in his mouth. He does great in the car and at bedtime. He puts his arms up to be picked up, gives hugs and will lay his head on my chest when he wants to snuggle. He holds my hands and knows now that I leave everyday and is so happy to see me home in the evenings. He thinks it's funny to talk to me on the phone. He loves dogs and the cat, they can make him laugh just by walking by.

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