Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Working Out

We have the xbox 360 and Kinect. They are pretty awesome! Even cooler when used to lose weight and tone your body. Max can't use most of the exercises because of his leg but I'm using the after pregnancy cardio and toning exercises! I'm so excited! I plan to work out in the morning using that and then take Carter and Eva on a walk in the evenings after work. I'm trying to watch what I eat but I either don't eat enough calories or eat a bunch of junk that is horrible for me and go way over my calorie limit.

I'm not a runner but I would love to learn how to and avoid shin spilts. I used to get them whenever we ran in school and they were sooo painful! I plan on getting some good walking shoes and a jogging stroller cause it'd be hard to jog with Carter in the wrap!

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