Monday, May 7, 2012

Good News!!

Max got a job! It's been a long 6 months of dealing with the temporary job but he started a new, full-time, permanent job today! I'm so excited! It is one big step towards getting out of debt and baby #2 and me getting to stay home with my love!

No plans as of yet as to when I'll get to quit my job, I am just playing it by ear and planning out what debts can be paid when and what else I can do with the money, like new clothes (that are desperately needed for us adults), decorating the house, getting Carter's pictures done, car repairs, money in savings, etc. It really depends on when we can support ourselves on Max's income alone, without assistance. I could quit my job today and rely on state assistance but I'm not comfortable with it just yet. Who knows, maybe in a couple more months of dropping my baby off everyday with other people, I will be ok with it, but right now, the ability to pay bills and buy some needed things is very nice.

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