Friday, April 5, 2013

Blood Results - #1

I didn't get a prescription for met.formin because my primary care doesn't have any experience treating PCOS with this particular drug and I'm already referred to an expert to manage my PCOS. She did, however, go over my blood test results with me. The GREAT news is that I'm not diabetic! I never got retested after my pregnancy and since I was considered to have GD, I should have been when Carter was around a year old. My insulin was fine and most of my hormones were within normal range. My free testosterone was above the normal range but not a lot.

Since I'm still waiting to even schedule an appointment with the endocrinologist, Monday will be three weeks, I'm going to go back on birth control. We plan on me being on birth control for several months anyway, so might as well start it now and start the getting the benefits.

That's all I've got for now, on the health front. I hope to lose about 50 pounds before we have our next baby, so it will take some times but I'm determined to get there. I will have to get a post up on Carter here soon, he's changing so much and growing so fast, it's hard to believe!

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