Saturday, April 20, 2013

So Tired Of Moving

So, circumstances have come together to allow us to move home! As excited as I am and as happy as I know I will be to be home, I hate this stage of moving! We are starting in Carter's room and selling his crib and other baby things. We also took down all his monkey decals. It makes me sad. He's growing up!

We still have three weeks before we move, so no rush but this is the most notice we've ever had before a move and the most organized. I am going to miss living down here, no, I'm going to miss some of the people we've gotten to know. Wish we would have gotten to know them a bit better!

Fortunately, we are moving to a house! We've only rented one house before, in our 7+ years of renting. We've never had a two bathroom or three bedroom, we've never had a garage or shed or two separate fenced yards. We are fortunate to be moving into Max's mom's house. It's due to unfortunate circumstances for them but I'm happy we'll be able to help them out and that it will help us out as well. It's a great set up for puppy raising and our little man to have room to run and play.

We also have full permission to do what we want, as far as decorating. So Carter's going to get an awesome bedroom and we are really going to make this house our own. It's going to take some work since all the bedrooms and kitchen have wallpaper that needs removed but it'll be so rewarding and worth it!

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  1. Wow, changes are hard but sounds like for the better! Congrats!