Friday, April 26, 2013


I have zero experience with surgery. I did visit Ally after her surgery, but that's the extend of my personal experience. I have a consult with a surgeon on Wednesday and I'm nervous! We will find out if I need my gallbladder out and when. I'm not having current problems with it but do if I'm not careful about what I eat. It's more a precautionary thing. Carter is quickly approaching 2 and we would like to have another baby when he's around 3-3.5. I really don't want to have gallbladder problems while pregnant. I know how bad they are not pregnant, I can't imagine them with a womb-babe in there squishing everything up even more.

I also am going to have surgery to have my wisdom teeth removed. I'm more worried about that one, the most dental work I've ever had done, beyond a cleaning, is sealant. The thought of them cutting my gums open and pulling out my (sideways) wisdom teeth scares the scarecrows out of me!

Deep breaths, it'll all be worth it in the end and I can't wait to get all these health things behind me and add to our family. My consult with the endocrinologist is at the end of May, still a bit away but I'm hoping to get some advice and help and learn how to better work with my body. I have a weight loss goal for then and am really trying hard to make it.

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