Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Moving On Up

We got word yesterday that there is a three bedroom coming available! I can't tell you how excited this makes me, I just hope we get it! We love our apartments and the manager and area and by getting a three bedroom, we would also gain another bathroom and have plenty of space for a new baby (when the time comes).

School started yesterday, I'm retaking two classes I got A's in in Roseburg so it will likely be an easy term and the workload doesn't look too bad. I think the hardest part will just be keeping Carter occupied while I do my schoolwork and scheduling myself between school, spiritual, family, visiting our home town, moving, doctor appointments, etc.

We have a serious lacking of any decor in our home and it's a problem that really bugs me. I want pictures of my son on the walls and art I enjoy and curtains, etc. So we are going to be getting Carter's pictures taken and print out more that we have taken over his last 19 months of life. I'm excited!

I have a doctor appointment today with a primary care physician. I decided I needed to get in and see one for my gallbladder and celiac and general health. I have a referral for an endocrinologist for my PCOS and hormone problems and a dentist appointment next week to get my teeth cleaned, cavities filled and talk about my wisdom teeth. I may ask today if the PCP will prescribe me met.formin for my PCOS/hormone issues since it's already been over two weeks that I've been waiting and will likely be another month or more until I get in to see the endocrinologist and I want to start it sooner than that. If she's not willing, I'm going to have to call my gyno to see if she's prescribe it for me. She said before she wanted to leave it to the endocrinologist but eh, I'm tired of waiting for my body to work right and my hormones to level out.

Anyway, I should probably go eat some breakfast and do some reading and take care of my little guy. Hope my appointment today goes well!

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