Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Now that I've not only had time to process it but have time to sit down and write up a post.

I'm not quite sure how to explain it but none of us were convinced that baby was a girl. I was driving Max crazy by looking at ultrasound pictures online for weeks trying to convince myself that he was a she. Not because I wanted a girl but because I wanted to know. I've been having a hard time buying or even looking at baby girl things. It just felt wrong. That being said, seeing his little package was a shock. It took a minute to say, ok, that's our son in there. Not a little girl. Do I miss the idea of having a daughter? I'd be lieing if I said no way. BUT, now I get to look forward to having a Mommy's Boy.

Ok, so details on the ultrasound. He is head down still. Chin still tucked into his chest real tight, the tech kinda laughed at how tight he has his chin tucked in. Saw all four chambers of his heart. Elbow up next to his eye, umbilical cord floating in front of his face. His weight is approxiametly 1 lb 5 oz. 43 percentile so slightly below average. Still had his ankles crossed. On the video it looks like the placenta is lying really low so I'm slightly concerned about it covering my cervix and having to have a c-section but I'll find out at my next doctors appointment in two weeks. Nothing I can do about it if it is there, so why stress about it now?

Now just to get ready for our baby boy, who's name is going to be Carter Michael. I'm in love and can't wait to meet him!

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