Friday, July 5, 2013

Health Update

I had my surgery on May 30, it went smoothly, except they had to make an extra cut so I have five holes instead of four. The first week was rough, I couldn't sit up on my own, pick up Carter, stand for any real length of time, etc. I'm now 5 weeks post-op and have some pain sometimes, mainly when I lay on my stomach or pick Carter up and twist. I think it's mainly muscle pain but not sure, just know some residual pain is normal.

I also saw an endocrinologist on May 29. I needed help managing my PCOS and learning how to deal with my disease and work with my body. I was prescribed met.formin, a drug commonly used to treat PCOS by battling the underlying insulin resistance. Even though I don't test as being IR, it's believed that all women with PCOS have some level of IR. I'm 3.5 weeks into my new drug protocol and have had a fairly easy transition. I started at 500 mg a day for a week. The second week was 1,000 mg a day. The last week and a half I've been on 1,500 mg. The last week and a half was the hardest, symptom wise. I'm prescribed 2,000 so am planning on trying that transition on Monday but last Monday, my body was in no way ready for that jump. The good news is that the metformin seems to be helping already and guess what? I'm excited! I have lost a bit of weight but need to lose a lot more. I'm starting the Whole30 Monday and am hoping to stay on it for 2 months. I have read some amazing reviews about this diet and PCOS and talked personally to people who've had good results. The main thing is getting my body working right, not weight loss. The weight loss, I am looking forward too, but I need a functioning body more than anything. I'm hoping that in the next 6-9 months, we will be expecting a new little one.

I go back to the endocrinologist in 2 months and we hope to see some big changes in my bloodwork and hormones. I have a lot of work ahead of me but it will be so worth it, to be healthy and feel normal and be the person I know I can be. PCOS, I'm going to beat you!

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