Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Whole30: Day 1

I've been thinking about doing The Whole30 for some time, probably 6 months or so. I had planned on starting on June 1 but we seriously had a lacking of funds last month so it was out of the question. So, I started today! It's a strict month long challenge of eating a hunter-gatherer diet. It's designed to lower inflammation and give you a clean slate to really learn what agrees with your body and doesn't.

Some people have had amazing results and weight loss is not the main focus. It's about fueling our bodies instead of poisoning and helping our bodies reach their potential. Helps us turn into fat burners instead of carb burners.

Why am I doing this challenge? According to the specialist managing my PCOS, my ideal weight would be somewhere around 130 pounds. My hormones are out of whack. I can go 6+ months with no menstrual cycle, I have a large amount of belly fat, have started developing fatty deposits on my liver, have hair where hair shouldn't be on a woman and a slight case of insulin resistance. My Dr. recommended a low-carb diet, keeping my carbs below 50 per meal and 30 per snack. She also prescribed me a diabetes drug that has proven to be magnificent for treating PCOS, metformin. I've been on Metformin for 3.5 weeks now and have lost 7 pounds and gotten my period! Maybe not something everyone wants to read about but hey, it's seriously exciting for me! I'm keeping track of my cycle and temps via Fertility Friend this cycle and we will see just how much difference metformin is making! Hoping I ovulate on my own and have a normal cycle, even if a long, I don't care. Anyway, the point is that The Whole30 is low-carb in nature. You only eat natural, non-processed foods so the only carbs you eat are from fruits and veggies. I'm also a strictier version of the program due to my PCOS and will try reintroducing some of those foods after the month is up. Some additional foods I am not eating are eggs, tomatoes, nuts, clarified butter and ghee. The thought is that those foods can potentially cause an immune response and that's the last thing we want.

So, I will be eating meat (preferably grass-fed but that's expensive so we will do our best) and veggies or fruit three times a day for 30 days. I'm excited to see the changes and like I said before, the weight loss is the last priority. Another point of The Whole30 is no weighing or measuring during it. So I weighed and measured today and will again on day 31. Today I weighed 205. I'm hoping to lose 15 pounds over the next month but we will see. I'm excited to see what happens.


  1. Interesting! I have never heard of this before. Good for you. I am happy for you and can't wait to hear/see how you do!

  2. Isnt it funny how eating right and things along those lines are more expensive? makes America not want to be food conscious at those prices.

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